About Us

About Us

At Anady Catering, we understand you need more from your caterer than culinary expertise; you need peace of mind that someone you trust will take care of every detail. That’s why we serve more than just excellent food — we are here to serve you. From stress-free planning services, to a sounding board for all of your ideas, everything we provide at Anady Catering will make your event unforgettable and uniquely yours.

You’re celebrating an important day, so why would you want food that wasn’t as fresh and delicious as it could be? When Anady Catering caters for you, the food will never be cooked hours in advance and stored in a hotbox or warming oven.We prepare as much of your menu as possible on site at your event, ensuring everything is fresh, flavorful, and beautiful. Every buffet, every tray, and every plate must look and taste like a work of art, blending creative presentation with premium ingredients.

Our Services

We are excited to continue our journey as owners and partners. We are passionate about our family and business. With that comes a complete understanding of our clients needs. We will treat your family like they are our very own. From large and small weddings, christenings, dinner parties or corporate events we will be focused on every detail. Here at Anady Catering, we believe in celebrating everything!

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